Survivors Of War is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization                                                                                                                           Tax ID. 81-4334625


Support Us

In today's world we have hundreds if not thousands of choices of organizations to support and rally behind but let me assure you;

WE are ONE of a kind

and nobody does what we do, or serves the Survivors the way we do! 

Still, there are those that would rather donate an item, donate to a direct project, or sponsor a Survivor directly which we completely understand and accept graciously. 

 We have multiple sponsorship packages

for our golf tournaments, for our advertising program, and then also for the individual member and their specialized program, which friends and family usually prefer to do. 

 We also have the option of donating to our Master Plan building fund, or to our general fund which gets applied to the next in line and helps to dwindle down the waiting list.



Tithing to our ministry provides us with the opportunity to continue to S.O.W. into others. Spreading God's love, mercy and grace so that those who do not know him can develop an amazing relationship with Christ. 


Your direct donations and support towards our "Master Plan" will help reach our goal in providing a facility for our members. This building fund will help raise the amount needed to produce and provide this facility which will become a safe zone. A safe zone where member and their families can enjoy the programs that we're able to offer them.


Your donation to sponsor one of our members will not only impact their health, but will also save their lives. Many of our members struggle everyday so with your donation this will create a HUGE difference.  


Any and all donations to our cause will provide any funding and ability to provide for the next big things that S.O.W. has planned. Whether we are planning the next event or taking a road trip to a tournament, we are always eager to provide our members with the best experience and appreciation. Any and all donations are always welcomed here at S.O.W. 

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