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The Most Serene Landscaping in the


Which in turn causes a sense of peace and tranquility for our members. It is also considered a holistic therapy that causes a chemical reaction on a person's neurological tone and mood that releases endorphins and causes the member to be calmer, happier, relaxed,  and more productive.



          ne of our objectives is to provide a safe and controlled atmosphere where these disabled heroes can establish comradery. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by other disabled members that have gone through similar military and service experiences helps create that. Those of us that know anything about golf know that it is some of the most serene, aesthetic, and sensory pleasing landscaping and water features in the world.

We have found for those members dealing with pts(d), depression, and various physical injuries, it offers a natural and alternative therapeutic value. This can help reduce the multiple medications taken daily to get through life as we know it now. These holistic values have been documented by pga professionals, trainers, psychologist, and counselors around the world.


       hese holistic methods cause a chemical reaction on a person’s neurological tone and mood that releases endorphins and causes the veteran to be calmer, happier, relaxed, and more productive. The focus required to be successful in golf helps with the mental rehabilitation of these heroes.  Being able to accomplish small tasks one at a time and repetitively throughout a round of golf in time builds up their ability to apply those traits outside of golf as well.

The typical “foursome” that golf is played in, resembles that of a small fire team to our veteran members so it again causes a sense of security; a comfort zone of sorts, and familiarity that allows them to relax and not be as “on guard” as they typically are. Adding to that familiarity, the comradery of being surrounded by others who have served creates a familiar “pack mentality” and brotherhood that is missed and longed for by many veterans, police officers, firefighters, and first responders after leaving their respective service.

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