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Survivors Of War (S.O.W.) is a ministry and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created to help ALL disabled veterans, as well as disabled police, fire, and first responder members. We strongly believe that all of America’s disabled heroes have earned the right to benefit from our program. Survivors Of War (S.O.W.) is inclusive of all disabled veterans, not just Post 9-11 veterans; and their families.

​We aim to educate communities on the hidden and unseen illnesses, as well as the obvious physical injuries that are a result of their service, commitment, and sacrifice. The alternative programs we have are to combat the OUTRAGEOUS suicide epidemic and psychological problems that our members experience daily. We offer faith based, God centered activities in order to help in their spiritual growth and healing, as well as our programs that help their physical healing. Providing these unique methods tailored to each person is vital because we know “one man’s journey is not another mans destination”. With these options, we hope to give them guidance, direction, empathy, purpose, value, and most importantly FAITH.





Our mission is to simply provide alternative rehabilitative programs to rebuild and strengthen the minds of our Survivors, their bodies, and their spiritual resiliency through God-Centered therapies as well as their spouse, kids, and parents in order to provide a complete family evolution.


We also aim to educate communities on the hidden and unseen illnesses, as well as the obvious physical injuries that are the result of their service, commitment, trauma and sacrifice.

Our Mission

Our Mission



Our God given goal is to build a facility that can be a complete therapeutic environment called the Rehabilitation and Evolution Center (R.E.C.) for our Survivors and their families, as well as a residential facility to house our Veterans and after care program for Human Trafficking Survivors & Aged out Foster kids called RESTORATION RANCH.


We have completed the first phase and purchased land, now we will get started with the second phase and begin building.

BUT We need your help to bring the R.E.C. and Restoration Ranch

to life.

 Survivors Of War is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization                                                                                                                           Tax ID. 81-4334625